Tuesday, September 29, 2009

stupid stupid stupid

Damn..why u always cross my mind..why do I love u so while u'r just playing with me..I always thought that it's real..I was so happy finding someone who loves me from the heart..I was never expected there's somebody else..I thought I was u'r one and only..I trusted every words came out from ur mouth..then what did I get??leaving me here all alone..broken..

I pray for these tears not to fall down on my face any longer..but it still falls down..n I was down deep..crawling for my life..2 survive..

U have no idea how bad the scar is..unfortunately I'm not like other girls u know..I'm like a china..vulnerable..I was trying 2 b a tough one..but seem 2 fail..this is just too much for me to handle at one time..

If I knew that I wasn't the one u wanted beside u..I would not let you in..I would not let myself fall for u..cuz when u'r gone,I will be the one who suffers..

I feel like I'm a fool..letting myself offguard just because I long for a true love..I was so convinced that you brought a true love 4 me..n made my dream came true..just how naïve I am..

stupid me..hoping for something that isn't for me..wanting to reach a star up above with these short hands..dream on..

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