Sunday, December 13, 2009

the scene

Another scene in my life has shown how it's gonna b ended..
Need to prepare myself for the scene..
I have been in the same scene for several times in this play..
I know how to act in this part..the expressions..the name it..I remember every inch of it..
How can I forget this part??
This scene is the favourite part of my Director..
He often picks this kind of scene for me..
He said I need to enhance my skills in acting and get the most from the scene..
I occasionally ask for a subtitution or other scenes..
But He refused my wish..
He insisted me playing the scene..
For my own's good,He reasoned..
And I just can not do His demand, He is the Director of this play..
He who has the most knowledge on what's best for this play to be..
I just hope that someday, he will see my skill as good enough and let me play other scenes..
Scenes that I can only see for times from the backstage..
I wish..

Bandung, 13 December 2009

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